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What to do when you can't exercise

If you've been following me on Instagram, you know I've been in a bit of a funk.  There's a lot of potential reasons... winter blues, financial stress, terrible two tantrums, some mild health issues... but one underlying fact remains.  And if I follow the patterns of anxiety in my life, I can pretty accurately trace them back to one common theme... a failure to exercise as part of my daily routine.  Now before you go assuming that I've just fallen off the wagon, trust me, this was not per my own decision making.  I had to have a growing lump (called a lipoma if you really wanna know) removed from my back and the incision is quite sizeable, thus I've been advised not to any type of exercise for several weeks.  No stretching, no walking, no lifting.  Not even my own toddlers who seem to be going through some withdrawl of their own.

Valentine Favorites 2018 Edition

I'm not sure what it is about Valentine's Day.  It's not like it's the holiday that I love, but the fact that it's pretty much an explosion of epic girlishness a free pass to immerse myself in pink and hearts and sweet treats galore.  Whatever the excuse, I'm totally down.  So here's five of my favorite fun treasures I've seen around the internet this season.  Which are you going to snag for yourself?

Announcement: I Don't Hate My Hair Anymore!

Gonna make this one super short and sweet but I have to announce that the hatred of my hair (my lifelong "problem area") has been majorly alleviated.  About six months ago, I posted a call for help on Instagram and man did you guys deliver.  I haven't tried everything but I can pretty confidently narrow it down to two main things that have totally changed the texture and manageability of my hair... so I'm reporting back with real life feedback that can hopefully help you too!

The Truth About Motherhood

I have to get something off my chest, because I'm starting to feel like a fraud.  Perhaps it's because I was blessed with twins that I hear this so often - when we're out at the supermarket, at family functions, doctors appointments, anywhere people know the story of my life.  I'm talking about the "You must be exhausted!" comments.  Or "You certainly have your hands full!"  And of course I smile and laugh and validate what they're saying as truth, just to keep myself from appearing too lucky.