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Fit Mom Essentials to Aid the Journey

So I worked out last week for the first time in over a month.  Can I get a freaking applause??? lol kidding.  But anyway, while I've let myself fall off the wagon a bit, I also know my body and my expectations and I have every confidence that when it's time to apply, I most certainly WILL come through.  Today I'm sharing some of my essential items that are helping to whip me back into shape  in 2018.  Won't you join me in making this the proudest year of your life?!

Let's Play Four Square!

Let's play four square!  Four squares of fashion that is! All of these looks are made of pieces sold on Jane and lip colors sold by moi!  I'm not linking to any specific pieces simply because Jane is the type of site that changes offers every few days, so what's here today may be gone tomorrow.  But clearly you can see that it's one of my faves, and I can pretty much guarantee that if you have your heart set on something, just keep checking back and it will probably pop back up for purchase ;)   So without further ado, here is my own personal look book that makes my winter heart go aflutter.

One Pan Beef and Broccoli

The new year is here and just the like rest of America, I've got some goals!  But if there's one thing that makes sticking to a plan difficult, it's the monotony involved when it comes to food, at least for a non-chef type like myself.  So I tried out this beef & broccoli dish for my first week of meal prep and was more than satisfied with the results.

To be honest, I actually bought this beef pre-sliced specifically for stir fry on a whim because I knew that chicken was going to get old fast and also because the entire meat section (specifically cuts of beef) overwhelms and bewilders me so I tend to avoid it altogether.  This looked pretty fool proof and the packaging confirmed for me that I should use it for this purpose, so here I went mixing and messing with the rest of my kitchen ingredients.

The Gym vs. Kids Dilemma: My Plan for 2018

Who has fit goals for the new year??!!  Me me me me me!!!!!  Ok I'm not saying I'm going completely overboard crazy here, but trying to make healthier choices and get back into an exercise routine that is sure to get my energy up and my spirit even higher.  I remember the days when I used to make gym time a priority every single day.  It was part of the routine and I honestly thought it would always stay that way.  Enter two toddlers who need me at their every beckoned call and well, things aren't exactly as they used to be.